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Where did my chat go?

We've recently switched customer service platforms to help service the needs of our users better. You'll notice that you have access to our full help center through a special widget in the lower left corner of your ZenSales dashboard. This widget will persist no matter what page you're viewing on our system. 

You can ask your question within the widget and see if a related article comes up. You can either type in a full question or just type in key words to help find a relevant article:

You'll also be able to view the article within the widget while working in ZenSales. If there is an image within the article that is too small for you to see just click the picture! It will then open a full sized image in a new tab so you can verify that you're following directions properly. Don't forget to give us feedback after you read through the article. This helps us keep our articles up to date and relevant to you!

If you're having trouble finding the answer you need within a Help Center article then don't worry - You can still contact us! Just go "back" out of the articles and click the "Ask the Team" button to open up a simple form. Your name and email address should automatically fill in so you just need to add a description. You can also take a screenshot to help us diagnose your problem!

When asking us a question through the Help Center Widget try to include as many details as possible to better help our team assist you. The more information we have about your question or problem, the faster we'll be able to resolve the issue for you.

After you submit the form you should expect an emailed response within 10 minutes! Those on our Executive Plan do have access to live chat and phone support. To get access to your live chat and phone support options just select the Help menu in the upper right corner of your dashboard. There you will see the option to either  Chat with us or Phone Support, which is a link that will allow you to schedule a phone call!

When you click to Chat with us then a new chat widget will appear in the lower left corner of your ZenSales dashboard. You will want to click on "Inbox" and then you'll be able to chat live with our customer representatives Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm CST.

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